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  • IObit Uninstaller software uninstaller, toolbar remover, Program Uninstaller, uninstall application, uninstaller, uninstall, remover,Windows 8, software, free download, download, software downloads

    IObit Uninstaller Portable


    Thoroughly Remove Unwanted Programs and Clean Your Computer.

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  • Thoroughly Remove Unwanted Programs and Clean Your Computer

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    IObit Uninstaller software uninstaller, toolbar remover, Program Uninstaller, uninstall application, uninstaller, uninstall, remover,Windows 8, software, free download, download, software downloads

    How to uninstall sims 2 free time?

    I've tried 2 things, and they both don't work. I went to the control panel and clicked on change/remove programs. I scrolled down to sims 2 free time. I clicked remove, nothing happened. Then I clicked start. All programs, ea games, sims 2 freetime, and uninstall. Still, nothing happened. I want to play my sims 2 games, but I lost my expansion pack for sims free time. So in order to play sims 2 I either have to uninstall sims 2 free time, or buy a different expansion pack. =/
    1 answers
    Best Answer:  I would generally recommend uninstalling anything you want using iobit uninstaller. it is a portable executable, that deletes all files and registry keys related to the program. here's a link to it, it's free: Hope it works for you =)

    how to uninstall adobe creative suite 6 master collection?

    I tried the adobe creative suite 6 master collection (free trial) and now I would like to uninstall it however I can't figure out how. I have tried the control-panel->uninstall programs but the programs don't appear on the list, also I have looked in the source folders for an "uninstall.exe" or something of the sort but I can't find anything. P.S. I am running windows 7 x64 bit
    1 answers
    Best Answer:  Download iObit Uninstaller, run the .exe file, and it should be on there. This is a portable program so you don't even have to install it!

    Too many Pop Ups.....HELP!?

    My Pc gets too many pop ups. I downloaded AVG 8.5 & new Internet explorer 8 and problem continues. When i open explorer soon after i get a pop up, shortly after another one pops up. When i close then out it closes my explorer. I know AVG is basic security, is there something i can do to fix this at home without taking PC to tech. Also it runs a lil slow, what can i do to fix, my memory is only about 20% full and today a box popped up and said "your virtual memory is low", WTH is that and how can i fix that also. I'm not tech savy at all that is why i'm asking. Any help, real advice is greatly appriciated. Thnx in advance.
    1 answers
    Best Answer:  TUNEUP FOR WINDOWS XP 1. Increase your virtual memory. (Virtual Memory is like additional RAM, the only difference is that it uses the hard-disk space) Click on Start, right-click on "My Computer" and choose "Properties" then choose the "Advanced" tab, click on the "Settings" [button] in the "Performance" box,click on "Advanced" tab, in the new window, click on "Change" in the Virtual Memory section. Set your virtual memory to at least 2500mb. Make sure to set both the initial size and the maximum size the same amount. (2500mb)? 2.Download and use CCleaner (Free Crap Cleaner) 3. Clean up your "Prefetch" Folder. Click on "Start",click on "My Computer", Dbl click on drive C:(or whichever is your "main" drive), then Dbl click on the "WINDOWS" folder, find "Prefetch" folder and Dbl click on it and delete everything in the folder and empty your trash can.(It's all leftover junk) (Do this at least once a week?) 4.Download this free uninstaller and use it to uninstall all unused programs? (If your not sure on a program Google it for more info?) (Free) 5.Defrag your disc by clicking on "Start">"All Programs">"Accessories">"System Tools">"Defragmenter">"Analyze" button> a little window pops up and hit "Defragment" and let it do it's thing. (Do this once a week) 6.Download,install,update and run a quick scan with Malwarebytes and delete/quarantine all entities it finds? (Run a quick scan at least once a week) (Free) 7.Watch this video on cleaning up your startup menu. (Note) Malware loves to attach themselves to the startup menu so anytime you get a bug check the menu for anything that looks shady and uncheck it and restart your computer and run scans? (HINT) Go to Start> Run> type msconfig> ok> Startup tab>(uncheck)all programs(not)needed at startup.("Lesser is better in this case" :) Go here for info on startup programs? 8.Download,install "Minimem" and set it up to optimize ram usage (This program works in the background optimizing processes that run on your computer) (Note)If you have more than one gig of ram don't install Minimem it's for older computers that have 512 or 256 mb of ram) (Free) "Advanced System Care" is a really good free program that has all kinds of optimizing tools and "IObit Security 360" is a really good security system try it out? (Free) STOP ALL THE POPUPS AND NAKED LADY'S (All you have to do is set up a good Hosts file and all the BS popups and naked lady's that slow down your computer will stop and your web pages will load up faster!) (Directions) Go to this web site and download their latest Hosts file and download it and open it with your WinRar/WinZip and extract it to C:/WINDOWS/System 32/Drivers/Etc/Hosts and hit yes when it asks to overwrite your original file and that's it.(Works Great Try It!) Download Portable Firefox and put it on a pen drive or cd and you can use it for your net browsing and it doesn't leave any traces on the host computer. 3.5 Firefox. (It's really fast) (Directions) All you do is download the file to a pen drive/cd and stick it in any computer and go in the Portable Firefox file on your pen drive/cd and dbl click on the Firefox icon and it will come up on the host computer just like it was installed on it,and when your done take it out and no one can tell that you ever where on the net (~8… Stay Safe Out There (^.^)

    is it okay to use multiple antispyware real time protection?

    i use spybot tea timer, spyware terminator real time protection and spyware doctor real time protec
    1 answers
    Best Answer:  My Big Advise Please Read here How to Using Anti-Virus,AntiSpyware,Anti-Malware Scan & protect my computer for Malware - Malicious software (Pick at least two): Malwarebytes Anti-Malware SUPERAntiSpyware Spybot Search And Destroy Comodo BOClean Anti-Malware Sandboxie PC Tools ThreatFire SpywareBlaster BugOff McAfee Site Advisor Protect my computer from viruses : (Pick only one) AVG Free Edition AntiVir Avast! Home Edition Remove specific or stubborn malware: (Pick at least two) Assassin Kaspersky Free Cleaner avast! Virus Cleaner Tool Kill2me CWShredder Trend Micro CWShredder WinPatrol Pocket Killbox Hijack This! Check for Rootkits: (Pick at least one) Sophos Anti-Rootkit Trend Micro RootkitBuster F-Secure BlackLight Gmer Block spam or make better use of my email: (Pick one) SpamFighter Standard Magic Mail Monitor SpamPal MailWasher K9 Outlook on the Desktop Protect my computer with a firewall: (Pick only one) Online Armor Free PC Tools Firewall Plus Zone Alarm Free Outpost Free Comodo Personal Firewall Monitor or run diagnostics to find a problem: (Pick as many as needed) UBCD4Win Sysinternals Troubleshooting Utilities Speedfan Ultimate Boot CD Bart's PE Builder Prime95 Bootzilla XS SysDetect Test the memory in my PC: (Pick one or more) Memtest86 Memtest86+ Microsoft Windows Memory Diagnostic Video Memory Stress Test Free up hard drive space: (Pick one or more) Comodo System Cleaner CCleaner Slim (Also registry cleaner, startup manager) MRU-Blaster Empty Temp Folders Duplicate Cleaner CleanUp! Clean or manage my registry: (Backup first, registry editing can be dangerous) RegSeeker RegCleaner Registry Distiller Lexun RegScrubXP (Unsupported) Top of page Better defragment my hard drive: (Pick one or more) JKDefrag Iobit SmartDefrag Defraggler Lexun DrvCareXP Power Defragmenter GUI Diskeeper Lite Top of page Find a better Browser: (Pick one or more) Maxthon Avant Browser Mozilla Firefox Google Chrome Opera without Java Find out what is inside my computer: (Pick one or more) Everest Free Edition AIDA32 PC Wizard SIW (System Info) WinAudit SIV (System Information Viewer) Belarc Advisor Process Explorer WinAudit SiSoftware Sandra Lite Recover deleted files or photos: (Pick one or more) Recuva File Recovery Undelete Plus PC Inspector Smart recovery Free Undelete Unstoppable Copier Backup data including CD's or DVD's: (Pick one or more) BurnAware Free FinalBurner Yadis! DVDFab HD Decrypter CDBurnerXP DriveImage XML Karens Replicator Cobian Backup ShrinkTo5 ImgBurn RipIt4Me Find tools to manage or optimize my multimedia: (Pick one or more) iTunes Agent Zoom Player Standard 1by1 - The Directory Player WinAmp Full Audiograbber mp3DirectCut Mp3tag JetAudio MediaMonkey Super@ QuickTime Alternative K-Lite Codec Pack Full Vista Codec Package myFairTunes (DRM removal) Edit or organize my photos: (Pick one or more) XnView FastStone Image Viewer Picasa IrfanView Paint.NET PicSizer WinSnap Find tools to improve office productivity: (Pick one or more) - Complete office suite OxygenOffice Professional - Complete office suite Abi Word - Wordpad replacement Notepad 2 - Notepad replacement with HTML support Notepad++ - Notepad replacement that supports many programming languages Qjot - Notepad, Wordpad replacement that can be portable Money Manager Ex - Personal finance software like MSMoney EverNote - Note taking application FoxIt Reader - Create, edit and read .PDF files Mobysaurus Thesaurus - off-line English thesaurus Tomahawk PDF - Create, edit and read .PDF files Know what other freebies you guys love?: (Pick one or more) DVD Flick - Turn your video files into a DVD. Secunia Personal Software Inspector - Scan software on your PC for updates. Revo Uninstaller - Remove any unwanted application installed on your computer. JavaRa - Update Sun Java, remove older versions and tweak install. Norton Removal Tool - Remove Norton including things the uninstaller might miss McAfee Consumer Product Removal Tool - Remove Mcafee including things the uninstaller might miss Windows Error Messages - Look up those weird Windows error messages AI RoboForm - A killer password manager for websites ieSpell - spell check text input boxes on a webpage Google Toolbar - Search and use Google features from your browser 3DMark 06 - (Benchmark and compare your PC RemoveWGA - Remove the Microsoft "Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications" tool Skype - Make phone calls over the internet KeyFinder Thing Lite - Retrieve many Microsoft program serial numbers Protected Storage PassView - Reveals Internet Explorer and Outlook passwords BootVis - Speed up XP boot times. Note, it is heavily debated whether this helps. Clipdiary - A freeware utility for keeping the clipboard history. DriverMax - Export and reinstal
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    Deinstalacja , IObit Uninstaller , IObit Uninstaller portable

    By in Date uploaded: 2016-3-14 IObit Uninstaller Portable Deinstalacja , IObit Uninstaller , IObit Uninstaller portable Download Free 下載&教學] IObit Uninstaller Portable 5 2 5 135 繁體中文可

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    By in Date uploaded: 2016-1-11 IObit Uninstaller Portable 下載&教學] IObit Uninstaller Portable 5 2 5 135 繁體中文可 Download Free Uninstall Several Programs in Windows With Portable IObit Uninstaller

    Uninstall Several Programs in Windows With Portable IObit Uninstaller

    By in Date uploaded: 2016-1-14 IObit Uninstaller Portable Uninstall Several Programs in Windows With Portable IObit Uninstaller Download Free IObit Uninstaller 3 3 8 Portable by PortableApps [Multi Ru

    IObit Uninstaller 3 3 8 Portable by PortableApps [Multi Ru

    By in Date uploaded: 2016-6-17 IObit Uninstaller Portable IObit Uninstaller 3 3 8 Portable by PortableApps [Multi Ru Download Free IObit Uninstaller Pro 6 0 2 143 + Portable [Latest] | ZonaSoft

    IObit Uninstaller Pro 6 0 2 143 + Portable [Latest] | ZonaSoft

    By in Date uploaded: 2016-4-26 IObit Uninstaller Portable IObit Uninstaller Pro 6 0 2 143 + Portable [Latest] | ZonaSoft Download Free IObit Uninstaller 4 0 4 25 </div>
			<div><p> IObit Uninstaller helps you uninstall and remove unwanted programs and folders from your computer fast and easily. Where the built-in and sluggish